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We specialize in corporate and commercial law, contract law, intellectual property law, modern technology law, civil law and real estate law, legal services for publicly financed projects, cooperation between science and business, technology transfer and innovation and commercialization of R&D results.

Our team has extensive experience in business services, including projects in the creative sector, IT, scientific units, start-ups, universities, technology transfer centers, as well as in the real estate industry.

The Law Office offers the highest quality of legal services based on reliable knowledge, extensive experience and knowledge of modern business reality.

Legal services for business and setting up and registering companies

The Law Office provides legal services for enterprises so that they can focus on what is most important - business development.

ongoing services for domestic and foreign enterprises operating in Poland at every stage of their activity

consulting in the process of establishing and registering companies, their transformation and liquidation

comprehensive legal services in English in the process of introducing foreign companies to the Polish market - setting up and registering companies, organizing their activities, support in choosing the legal structure of enterprises, negotiating contracts, representation before Polish offices and registers

servicing company bodies, including ongoing corporate consulting, e.g. in preparing draft resolutions, shareholders' agreements, cooperation agreements

preparation of draft statutes, regulations and other acts regulating the functioning of business entities and their bodies

full service of shareholders' meetings and general shareholders' meetings

legal services in the current business activity, including support of commercial transactions, participation in negotiations, preparation and evaluation of commercial contracts

preparation of option programs for employees and management of companies

representation in proceedings before offices, authorities, National Court Register and courts


legal support at each stage of activity, from the creation of a start-up to its functioning and development

selection of an appropriate form of conducting business, support in the process of creating an organizational structure

preparation of agreements, including investment agreements, articles of incorporation, shareholders' agreements

registration of business activity, including company registration, representation before the National Court Register

support in raising financial means for the start-up, including public and private funds

support in brand and know-how protection

ongoing corporate services and ongoing legal support for start-up operations, including drafting, reviewing and negotiating contracts for start-up business initiatives, as well as contracts related to their ongoing activities.

Intellectual property and R&D

legal services related to copyright and related rights, including drafting, reviewing and negotiating copyright assignment agreements and license agreements for the use of all types of works

legal advice on image and personal rights protection

legal protection of brands: registration of trademarks, preparing, assessing and negotiating contracts for the transfer of trademarks, as well as assessing the risks associated with the infringement of trademark protection rights

industrial designs, inventions (patents) and utility models: drafting, reviewing and negotiating agreements for the transfer of rights to designs and inventions (patents), license agreements and others

representation in disputes concerning infringement of copyright or related rights, or industrial property rights, in particular designs and inventions (patents)

legal support with respect to combating unfair competition, in particular within the scope of protecting business secrets, similarity of products or marks, or unfair use of brand reputation by another entity

comprehensive legal services in the commercialization of innovations and results of R&D work, both for enterprises, researchers and technology transfer centers - support for the process of creation of spin-off and spin-out companies, creation, review and negotiation of agreements and other documents in the commercialization process, preparation of legal opinions and provision of legal advice

Contracts and legal opinions

drafting contracts depending on Clients' needs,

verification and modification of contracts in terms of protecting Client's interests and legal risks

negotiation of contracts

preparation of general terms and conditions of contracts, general terms and conditions of service, regulations and contract templates

verification of the process of execution of agreements, including advice related to the execution of agreements and minimizing the risk of disputes during their execution

preparation of annexes to agreements as well as assignment of rights and contractual obligations

vindication of claims related to the performance of contracts and dispute resolution

preparation of legal opinions

New technologies and IT

comprehensive legal advisory in the scope of development, implementation and operation of software and mobile applications

drafting, reviewing and negotiating contracts for the development and implementation of IT systems, service and maintenance agreements, outsourcing agreements, service level agreements (SLA) and software license agreements

legal solutions for non-standard IT products and modern technologies

conducting legal audits of high-tech solutions

legal consultation and drafting, reviewing and negotiating contracts in the area of activity of companies and individuals related to artificial intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT)


legal advisory in the scope of e-commerce and Internet services

designing regulations, agreements, complaint procedures

conducting legal audits of websites and online stores

legal advisory in the field of consumer law, including participation in consumer disputes

legal assistance in combating unfair competition acts on the Internet

Real Estate and Administrative Law

legal services in real estate transactions, including comprehensive legal advice and support for the process of selling and acquiring real estate, examination of the legal status of real estate, preparation and negotiation of contracts and other documents as part of the transaction

legal advice in the use of real estate, including the creation, review and negotiation of contracts for lease of real estate and lease agreements and other contracts for the use of real estate, ongoing advice on the implementation of agreements relating to real estate, advice on establishing easements and limited property rights in real estate

legal advice in the process of real estate management, including the creation, review and negotiation of real estate management agreements

legal services in the construction process, including the creation, assessment and negotiation of contracts with designers, contractors, for investment representation, investor supervision, ongoing advice during the implementation of contracts

support in the process of obtaining all administrative decisions necessary in the course of the construction process, including decisions on land development conditions (WZ), environmental decisions, building permits and occupancy permits

representation before administrative authorities, common and administrative courts

Renewable energy

legal support in the course of investment processes in renewable energy sources (RES), including advice in the process of obtaining all necessary administrative decisions - decisions on land development conditions, environmental decisions, building permits, occupancy permits and support in the process of enacting local spatial development plans, preparing necessary applications and construction work contracts, drafting, reviewing and negotiating contracts in the RES investment process, in particular preliminary agreements, sale agreements, lease agreements, construction work contracts

representation before administrative authorities and courts in the RES investment process

preparation of legal opinions within the scope of legal regulations related to the RES sector

mediation and training

support in the process of dispute resolution through pre-court negotiations and mediation, in particular in economic cases

at our Clients' individual requests, we also conduct trainings within the scope of our Law Office's specialization, in particular within the scope of intellectual property law

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